Esther 4:14 – Perhaps you were created for such a time as this.


“Deluxe Care operates with innovative and dynamic thinking to develop and improve services and outcomes for vulnerable populations.” We stand on these four pillars: Equity, Initiative, Creativity, and Resilience.


At Deluxe Care, we are constantly working to adapt to the needs of our community. Our services help individuals and organizations to embrace challenges as opportunities by equipping them with tools that promote equity, creativity, and resilience.

We offer our skills, knowledge, and expertise to a wide range of work environments, including public and private, nonprofits, research, policy, academia, or clinical Arenas. We employ a communication practice that is geared toward a collaborative team approach. Finally, We help empower our communities by utilizing a holistic systems approach.


Deluxe Care is in the business of creating change in our communities. We strive to be change agents in the environments we enter. Ultimately, we provide dynamic solutions to help individuals and corporations adapt to our fast-changing society.


At Deluxe Care, we believe that sources of support are a decisive intervention during moments of weakness. We believe that individuals and organizations can come out of challenges and prosper with the right interventions.